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  • The rock garden is a definite piecing together of natural rock and stone, and is so formed that it shall offer ideal conditions for the growing of alpines.
  • The position of the rock garden will be determined by special circumstances, but there are certain rules which hold good in all cases.
  • In the true Alpine garden will be found only such plants as are indigenous to the Alps.
  • With the first breath of Spring bright patches of color will fleck the slopes of the rock garden, and with the lengthening days the flowers from mountain and hill clothe themselves in summer garb.
  • In the planting of rock gardens, we must endeavor to secure by means of careful selection and grouping, an impression of breadth and boldness in the color.
  • It is seldom that we see attention drawn towards the evergreen and other rock shrubs which rightly belong to that part of the garden we are now considering.
  • A water garden suggests something elaborate and costly, but there are many who derive pleasure from the miniature charms of a single lily in a tub.
  • The native stream or meadow pool is nearly always beautiful, formed by natural means, and clothed with an assortment of water plants, the gardener will here seek truest inspiration.
  • Once planted the bog garden requires little attention, and increases interest and beauty as the plants become firmly established and seed themselves.
  • Were it not for the lily tanks, water gardening would be impossible for the many whose grounds do not contain natural ponds or streams.
  • Listed here are some of the chief varieties of water lilies, a beautiful flower that occurs naturally on many ponds and lakes.
  • These plants are suitable for water and bog gardens and will, hopefully, be of assistance to those who are in any difficulty as to selection.
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